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My one and only love. In just a few weeks it will be 9 months with this very handsome guy. I can’t wait to spend every day of my life with you forever boo. I’m not ashamed to call you mine. Don’t ever let me go, forever and always.



Vote for Jason Kemp - Avoca, MI in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero contest!      


Everyone go vote for my friend Alexa’s little brother and family it would be a great help!! You can vote once everyday until the contest is over! Pleaseee
Thanks! Love you all. 💞


Vote for them and reblog pretty please you guys! They’re amazing people they deserve it! @ mobility
1) scroll down to vote
2) In the ” search for local ” type in Jason Kemp Avoca Michigan
3) click on their picture
4) make account ( or sign in with facebook, twitter, etc.)
5) answer the given question and vote 😆
Please and thank you! It would be an amazing help!!



porch prayers while it rained this morning.